Current AVF Grantees

2017 Financial Grantees:


Yair Agmon ('04) - Pnei Zaken: In the Presence of the Aged – a Web Documentary.  A documentary web series dedicated to exploring different aspects of the thing we find so scary to deal with: old age. 

Zohar Atkins ('05) - Torah as Poetry, Poetry as Torah.  Talented, eclectic writers gather in NYC to write and read poems on classical themes from Jewish tradition.

Eli Batalion ('97) - Trust - A Short Film.  Can you really trust your "trusted" financial advisor? This short film explores themes inspired by the Madoff Ponzi scheme.  

Avlana Eisenberg ('93) - The Musicians of Bremen.  Banished from the barnyard for being different, a ragtag group of animals form their own family in this magical musical family tale scored by a chamber orchestra. 

Michael Grumer ('04) - "Lone Parents" - A national support network for parents of individuals who have moved to Israel to serve as lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces.

Nadia Kalman ('92) - Russian Jewish Literature: Online Resources for Teaching and Learning.  Contemporary Russian Jewish Literature: border-crossing resources for the classroom and beyond.   

Alex Maged ('11) - What's Pshat?  What's Pshat? is a blog dedicated to sharing original literary and interdisciplinary readings of the Torah Parshah with 1300+ weekly subscribers.

Sari Schlezinger Marsha ('08) - Renewing the Old.  Renewing the Old is a project aimed at transforming the field of encounter between rabbinical students at national-religious Yeshivot in Israel and liberal North American seminaries. 

Leah Mundell ('90) - Migrant Lives and Leadership.  The "Migrant Lives and Leadership" photo exhibition provokes community discussion about our connection to migrants locally and globally.

Alex Riff ('03) - Israeli Novy God.  “Israeli Novy God” is a nationwide project meant to introduce the Soviet‐Israeli holiday to the wider public, thus making it an inseparable part of Israeli culture.

Margie Klein Ronkin ('96) - Race Training: Building Beloved Community.  Training that builds relationships and understanding across race, class, and faith amongst leaders working together on criminal justice reform.


In the photo above, Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin and ECCO leaders hold non-violent direct action to protect immigrant families.

Hannah Sarvasy ('99) - Preempting the tidal wave: The Nungon Community Technology Centre.  Introduce tech to New Guinea rainforest hamlets in the local language to promote language sustainability in the digital age.

In the photo above, three generations of Nungon women work on the Nungon grammar project.

Ealeal Semel ('07) - A Play Titled “Murder” - The play “Murder” is a political theatrical production dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starring Israeli and Palestinian students from all facets of Israeli society.

Lior Soroka('99) - After His Death (short film).  “After His Death” is a ten-minute film independently produced and directed about a girl who, during her father’s shiva, discovers he had an affair with another man. 

Auren Weinberg ('87) - Second Helping Schools Project.  Second Helping Schools Project teaches children about food insecurity, compassion, and eliminates stigma.

2017 Consultation Grantees:


Jonah Fisher ('06) - FLO Community Co-Working Space.  Intentionally designed to build relationships, FLO is a community workspace in Tel Aviv all about connecting professionals to better their surroundings.

Julie Geller ('91) - Setting the Stage.  Love Julie Geller's music and message? Join a network of women who are uplifting and helping one another personally and professionally.  

Ben Wolfson ('11) - Pockets Against The Patriarchy.  PATP brings utility and comfort to women’s clothing. We add pockets to business suits, fighting the fashion industry's sexism.